“Kechien-Kanjo” 1st Oct to 3rd Oct 2014

“Kechien-Kanjo” will be hold on October 1st to 3rd. This is the ceremony you can be join the ceremony.

Kechien Kanjo Kongokai is one of the most important ceremonies of Koya-san Shingon School as well as Dai-mandala-Ku. In this ritual of Esoteric Buddhism, the blindfolded participant throws a flower into the Diamond World Mandala (Kongokai) to establish a link between the participant and one of the emanation forms of Dainichi Nyorai. Under the supreme mercy of Buddha, wisdom water is offered to the participants in order to wash away the worlderly desires immediately. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate regardless of religions affiliation. A donation of 3000 yen is requested.

On the first day of this ceremony, the same procession as Teigi Dai-Mandala-Ku, in which the priests in splendid brocade clothes perform, can be seen in Garan from Daie-do to Kon-do. The ceremony concludes in Kon-do (Golden Hall).

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