Cycle Osaka

I went to Osaka to join a cycling tour called “Cycle Osaka” yesterday. It was brilliant tour! I totally loved it!!

The tour started at JR Fukushima Station at 10am, where we met with other participants and our guide Meiko, who is actually a good friend of mine. She guided our whole journey, with plenty of historical information about Osaka and interesting anecdotes with good English. She ended up exposing my ignorance about Osaka by asking many questions!!

The cycle Osaka took us to fascinating parts of Osaka, such as a hidden Japanese garden. Even though I lived in Osaka for more than 10 years, I did not know the best photo spot in Osaka castle!

After the tour, Meiko even sent us a message by email full of extra information that we might be interested in looking at, as well as many photos taken during the tour.

This is a great way of exploring cultural& historical sides of Osaka that most tourists do not see with a fun ride in a much shorter period of time than it would be to see everything by walking.

I highly recommend it to everyone. Good Job, Cycle Osaka & Meiko!!

Cycle Osaka

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