Koyasan is historically regarded as one of the most sacred mountains in Japan.
In particular, it is a holy ground representing the Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism, with a history dating back twelve hundred years.
Rich in history and culture, Koyasan is a very spiritual place for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists.
It is a very beautiful place, and is worth visiting whilst traveling in Japan.

We are proud to have opened the first guesthouse in Koyasan,
allowing travelers and pilgrims from all over the world to visit this beautiful place at an affordable price.
An oasis of simple comfort, we created Koyasan Guesthouse Kokuu in a modern style that stays true to the essence of this sacred mountain.
We will be happy to recommend you the best places in Koyasan.
It is our goal to make your stay a most memorable and enjoyable experience.
We look forward to having you stay at our guesthouse in Koyasan.


高井 良知Ryochi Takai

Ryochi Takai

Ryochi Takai

Brought up in Koyasan, he loves music and travelling. Djing in mainly Osaka under the name of Two Seven Clash and threw numerous parties called Do Ur Thing.
At one of those parties in 2010, his dream came true when Gilles Peterson accepted his invitation to DJ the event.
His grandfather, father, and brother are all Shingon Buddhist monks in Koyasan.
So he loves providing many special tips to all the travelers he welcomes to Koyasan Kokuu.

高井 ゆりYuri Takai

Yuri Takai

Yuri Takai

Brought up in Sakai,Osaka, she loves collecting pottery and flower arrangement and contemporary art.
Guests love eating her home-cooked meals, the bread she bakes from scratch, and her special vegan muffins.Her artistic sense helps add to the comfortable atmosphere at the guesthouse.


Services and facilities

Free Services

  • A Computer for communal use; Wi-Fi
  • Bathrooms and Showers
    (All bathrooms and shower rooms are shared)
  • Hairdryer
  • Fresh Koyasan mountain spring water
  • Green tea, Black tea, Herbal tea
  • Refrigerator, Microwave, Kettle
  • Room fans are available in summer;
    Space heaters are available in winter
  • There is a wood-burning stove in the building
    during winter as well.
  • Parking is available for free in a nearby lot.
    Please ask staff upon arrival if you have questions

Service Charges


Breakfast service is relaxed and informal and we hope we can provide a perfect start to your day.
All our breakfasts are freshly prepared using the finest, locally sourced ingredients.
Breakfast is served between 7.30 am and 8.30 am.

Kokuu Breakfast Menu

Home made bread,ham&egg, yogurt, fruits, with freshly hand dripped coffee or home made indian chai tea
For vegetarian breakfast is served without ham.
※Advance reservations are required.

Bar & Dinner

Dinner is served from 18 PM to 19PM. Please place your order by 17 PM.
21pm L.O for drink

Every evening the kitchen offers home-made spicy curry such as Butter chicken curry, Tomato & Chick peas curry,
Green Thai curry. (The menu vary from day to day)


Koyasan is a beautiful remote mountain town with over 100 temples and numerous UNESCO world heritage sites as
Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, surrounded by scenic nature.
Whether your interests lie in culture, history, or spirituality, Koyasan can be the perfect get-away for a few days.
We are happy to help answer any questions you have or organize things to do during your stay in Koyasan.

  • Okuno-inOkuno-in
  • Morning CeremoniesMorning Ceremonies
  • Garan and Temple ViewingGaran and Temple Viewing
  • Pilgrimage Routes / HikingPilgrimage Routes / Hiking
  • MeditationMeditation
  • FoodFood
  • CalligraphyCalligraphy
  • JukaiJukai
  • ToursTours
  • 88-Temple Pilgrimage88-Temple Pilgrimage



kokuu (コクウ)
49-43 Itogun Koyacho Koyasan


Koyasan Guesthouse is located in the east side of Koyasan town, close to the most sacred site in Koyasan (Okunoin).Okunoin is also the location of the mausoleum for Kobo Daishi, where he is believed to be in eternal meditation since March 21,835.
Koyasan is a rather compact town, so it is easy to get around town by foot. However, there is also a city bus system that you may choose to use.

By Train

Travel Summary

Osaka Namba station – (train) – Gokurakubashi station – (cable car) – Koyasan station – (bus) – Okunoin-mae bus stop – (foot) – Koyasan Guesthouse

First step(Osaka Namba Staion ‒ Gokurakubashi Station)

[By train: 90 minutes]
Koyasan is most easily reached from Namba Station in Osaka. From Namba Station, take the Nankai Koya Line to Gokurakubashi Station. There are 2 types of train you can choose to take from Namba Station. Both a limited express service (about 80 minutes, JPY 1,990) and a regular express train service (about 100 minutes, JPY 1,230) are available. While the limited express trains are slightly more expensive, they will secure you a reserved, front-facing seat. This will be more comfortable than the standard trains and will allow you a better opportunity to enjoy the scenery. Few limited express trains run each day, and so you may need to plan ahead. In contrast, the regular express trains depart frequently (three times an hour). Whichever type of train you take from Namba Station, you will eventually reach Gokurakubashi Station.

Second step(Gokurakubashi Station ‒ Koyasan Station)

[By Cablecar: 5 minutes]
From Gokurakubashi Station, you will need to transfer to a cable car, which will take you up a steep slope (don't miss the scenery!) to Koyasan Station.

Third step(Koyasan station – Okunoin-mae bus stop)

[By bus : 20 minutes]
Koyasan Station is located a fair way from Koya town center, and so you will need to take the Nankai Rinkan Bus to get to our guesthouse. The Nankai Rinkan Bus Terminal is just in front of the Koyasan Station.

From Koyasan Station, get on a bus bound for Okunoin-mae, Take the bus until you reach Okunoin-mae bus stop (approx 20 mins). You should get off at Okunoin-mae bus stop.

※After arriving 19pm at Koyasan station, there is no bus bound for Okunoin-mae (the nearest bus stop from Kokuu).
The last bus bound for Okunoin-mae leave at 19:00pm (weekday) and 19:16pm(weekend) from Koyasan station.
If you miss the bus, the bus you can take is only bound for Okunoin-guchi bus stop, that is one stop before Okunoin-mae.
You may need to walk 20min from the bus stop.
Please be aware that the bus service is available until 20:52.
To avoid your inconvenience, we strongly recommend you to check in by 19:00.

Fourth step(Okunoin-mae bus stop to Koyasan Guesthouse)

[By foot: 3 minutes]
From Okunoin-mae bus stop, walk along the road towards the traffic light.
After passing the traffic light, you will see two gift shops on your left hand side. Continue walking straight along the road for a few hundred meters, until you come to our guesthouse (located on your left).

Please note that the route is just one example.

For more details,
lease visit our PDF MAP for information on how to arrive to Koyasan guesthouse Kokuu.

Please visit
for more information on checking the route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation of Japan

Total Travel Time(Okunoin-mae bus stop to Koyasan Guesthouse)

From Namba Station in central Osaka to Koyasan Station: Approx. 90 mins.
From Kansai International Airport via Osaka Namba Station to Koyasan Station : Approx. 2 hrs 20 mins.
From Shin-Osaka Station via Osaka Namba Station to Koyasan Station: Approx. 2 hrs.
From Kyoto Station via Osaka Namba Station to Koyasan Station: Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins.